Japan Chronicles: Tokyo Day 1

After our Osaka-Kyoto trip (pics to be uploaded), we headed to Tokyo, Japan’s main city. 🙂 We rode the Nozomi bullet train from Shin Osaka station, it was really fast travelling at 300 km/h. I will post a video of our Shinkansen ride one of these days. We arrived at Tokyo at around  6 in the evening. The Tokyo city vibe was different, people were rushing since it’s a weekday. We reached our AirBnB place at Meguro at around 7 in the evening. The air was not that cold unlike from Osaka. I was able to wear shorts and stockings during dinner.

Our Tokyo exploration really started the day after… After having our lunch at Yoshinoya (beef bowl here looks way different but it sure was tasty!), we went to Shinjuku Gyoen garden to take some photos of the cherry blossoms. It was fortunate that some trees were still in full bloom despite the fact that they started blooming the last week of March to first week of April. There was an entrance fee but it’s not that expensive. It was really a feast for the eyes seeing those sakura trees. We weren’t able to explore the whole place since Gid said that the trees were just repeating and we were able to took pictures already.

After that we went to Akihabara station, it’s not only the home to Japan’s electronics, but also to a lot of anime stuff! We were able to buy a spare battery for Gid’s GoPro. For me I just searched for One Piece merchandise since my siblings are huge fans of the show. XD Afterwards we went to Asakusa to visit a famous shrine there. I got my fate predicted there, it turned out to be… *secret* 😉 Our visit to the temple was just short, we took a bus to Tokyo skytree. The viewing deck opens at 6:30 pm, since we’re early we just stayed at Starbucks. The choice of drinks were almost the same in SG, except for the Cantaloupe drink. It was refreshing, but I think I won’t buy it again haha. It’s like drinking normal melon shake but with a Starbucks logo. 😛 There’s an entrance fee also to SkyTree, I forgot how much it was. There were also a lot of people in queue at 6 pm since it’s the optimal time to view the city lights. Of all the towers we visited from our past travels, I can say that I liked Tokyo Skytree the most. The view of Tokyo was amazing. ❤ Also there was a mini show of “window washers” hanging at the side of the tower. We weren’t able to understand what they’re really doing since they’re conversing in Nihonggo. We just decided to have our picture taken at the photograph booth and stayed ’til our time was up.

After Skytree, we went back to Shinjuku to meet my college batchmates, Tiff and Izza. They were also taking a vacation in Japan. They said that another batchmate, Kim, will join us. She started working in Japan after our graduation, I haven’t seen her since then. We ate at Ichiran Ramen for dinner. There was a looong queue before us. I’m not really a fan of ramen, but this one’s really delicious!!! I was able to finish it all, even the soup. The same thing goes for Gid, he said that it’s his first time to enjoy ramen (mind you, he only eats chicken karaage and beef misono whenever we have japanese cuisine T_T) . We did some catch ups and said our goodbyes. I hope to see them again when I go home in the Philippines or when they visit SG. It was sure tiring to be walking around the city, but the views made it worth it.

Below are some photos of our trip (I’ll upload more pics later on). 🙂