My BucketList :)

A list of things I want to do/achieve before I turn 30. 🙂

  • Get promoted into Management 🙂
  • Dye/Perm my hair
  • Donate my hair
  • Get a masters in any field of Psychology.
  • Cut my hair really short.
  • Buy my own car.  ( Yeheyyy! ^_^)
  • Experience an unforgettable proposal.
  • Have a 6-digit bank account. $_$
  • Get married. 🙂 (Maybe around age 29-30)
  • Travel to Japan, wear a kimono and kiss the love of my life under the beautiful sakura tree.
  • Travel abroad. (Hello SG!)
  • Try getting wasted, just for once! =))
  • Wakeboardinnnnggg! (must be able to reach the other side without falling :))
  • Bungee Jumping. :S
  • Get my driver’s license
  • SNOOOOOWWWW!!! Catch a snowflake with my tongue. :p*
  • Leave my current job (Goodbye ACN! :'()
  • Hear the first words of my son.
  • Travel to Europe 😊
  • Own a Corgi, Shiba Inu or Siberian Husky

Before I die, I want to experience or do the following things:

  • To run my own business.
  • Someone to sing “Out of My League” while playing the piano (if dedicated to me then marry meeeee! I kid! :)))
  • To have a written work of mine published.
  • To dress-up my little girl with cute dresses. (Someday, hopefully!)
  • To find someone who will never leave me, no matter what. (This happens at the most unexpected moment)
  • Fall in love, everyday, with the same person each day of my life. 🙂 (In-Progress)
  • To confess my feelings to someone important.
  • Play the piano while singing a song dedicated to my boyfriend in a public place . 🙂
  • To Sing “A Thousand Years” to the person I love on our special day 😀
  • To love unconditionally.
  • To stay in love no matter how hard the situation is.
  • Last but not definitely the least, to  create my own fairy tale and live happily ever after. 🙂

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