Japan Chronicles: Kyoto Trip

After a year, I was able to post photos of our Kyoto Trip last April 2016. 🙂 Post to be updated later on.


13 Brutally Honest Things You Need To Know Before You Date An Aries

Most of the things in this list are true… :)) Especially the following items:
3. We’re adventurous
7. We love hard
11. We work really hard
13. We need our space

So think twice before dating an Aries person… We’re not easy to handle. 🙂

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So you’re in love with an Aries, huh? God have mercy on you. KIDDING. We are fantastic people to love. We will literally RAM you into a corner with our love. (Oh, puns.) Anyway, now that you’re involved…there’s a few things you should know about us Aries-folk. The first (and most important) thing is that we are the best lay of the entire zodiac. I’m fairly confident this is public, astrologically-proven, agreed-upon knowledge, but I just wanted to restate here so just everyone’s on the same page. Or solar system. Whatever.

Now that’s that out of the way, let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

1. We’re fiery.

We are a fire sign, so this should come as no surprise. I’ve been described as “fiery” my whole life, which after many years of introspection, I’ve come to realize is both a compliment and an insult. (I…

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What The Person You Deserve Is Like

You deserve someone who wants to be better for you, someone who strives to be better for you, but, most importantly, you deserve someone who wants to be better for themselves. This is the type of person who will grow alongside of you and never dream of holding you back.

You deserve someone who is looking at the big picture in life, and that picture has you in it.

You deserve someone who loves you as much as you love them, a life that is so beautiful that you cannot tell if you are awake or still in bed dreaming, and someone who doesn’t so much as put one foot out the door because they know you are not the person to walk away from. This will be the person who sticks around through thick and thin because they want to, not because they have to…

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You deserve love and security, a combination that warms the core of your heart. You deserve knowledge that the person you are with wants to be there and, more importantly, won’t run away when times get tough. This is someone that will stay by your side, fight your fights right there with you because they know you would do the same for them.

You deserve someone who laughs at your jokes and smiles at the mere sight of you smiling. This smile will be genuine, not fake, and you will feel butterflies when you see it and your smile will grow until your cheeks can no longer take it.

You deserve someone who brings you coffee in the morning because they know the addiction is real. You deserve breakfast in bed, flowers “just because,” and hugs that feel like you are at home.

You deserve hands…

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Missing The Little Things: It’s Okay To Remember

I move on, I seek closure, but I remember. I acknowledge the bittersweet taste that’s left in my mouth. I can still recall and miss the little things.
… maybe we do miss the little things. We remember them and it’s okay. It’s okay to remember. 🙂

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“I feel I was never able to forget anyone I’ve been with because each person has their own specific qualities. You can never replace anyone. What is lost is lost.” – Before Sunset

When relationships change course, we all cope in various ways. Some try to eliminate the person from their life entirely. If photographs are deleted, letters are discarded, or digital connections are burned, then maybe this individual no longer exists in your orbit. And maybe that’s necessary in order to continue onward. Perhaps it’s the only means to navigate through the pain.

Personally, I was never able to embody that approach. I’m emotional, I attach easily, and I often view relationships through a nostalgic lens. Even if an ending makes sense and feels appropriate, I don’t try to forget. I’m not determined to erase memories from my mind, as if they never occurred. I hold onto the pieces…

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Why Do We Always Make Love Seem So Complicated?

And in return, I’ll offer him the same thing: a simple, uncomplicated love. I will burst with pride at his successes, hide my heartbreak at his losses and be there every day to live my life with him. I will speak kindly of him, will invest in him everything I have and give him my heart.
… maybe the simple kind of love just doesn’t exist, but whether it does or not, I’ll wait for it, even if it means I’ll be waiting forever.

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After a few years of being single, self-reflection has taught me a bit about myself and what I want and similarly don’t want. When it comes to the topic of what I want from a relationship, I can’t say I know who I want or what my ‘dream man’ looks like, or does for a living or is called.

But I do know two things: I don’t want to settle, and I do want simplicity.

Many of my friends complain about their boyfriends and how annoying they are and how they argued over x, y and z things and how the relationship is going nowhere — I don’t want that. A lot of people are scared of being alone — and don’t get me wrong, I’m scared too. The fear of growing old alone consumes me and leads me to terrible things such as spending hours swiping away on Tinder…

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A Letter To My Future Broken Heart

It may not happen today, nor is it likely to happen tomorrow. But you will start to feel better. No feeling is forever. The weight of this will stop crushing you one day. What now feels like like the walls of your chest are caving in will become a dull ache, and then one day, it will be gone… 😦

You cannot love someone enough to make them love you back. You cannot change a broken person. But you can take this time to change how you feel…

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Hello darkness, my old friend.

I am sorry to have to run into you like this. I know how much agony you must be in right now, and I am so sorry for that. The grief may seem insurmountable right now, but I assure you, you will scale this massif. You have done it before, and no matter how exhausted and defeated you may feel right now, you will do it again.

It may not happen today, nor is it likely to happen tomorrow. But you will start to feel better. No feeling is forever. The weight of this will stop crushing you one day. What now feels like like the walls of your chest are caving in will become a dull ache, and then one day, it will be gone. One day, it won’t hurt anymore. I hate to ruin the ending of the story for you, but you are…

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33 Promises Every Relationship Deserves

1. To not tell your friends everything they tell you.
16. To be humble enough to admit when you’re wrong, and big enough to say sorry for it.
28. To be honest, even when you know you’re being irrational.
32. To remind yourself that you love them, even and especially when annoyance feels like anything but love.

33. And to always remind them that you care, especially in the ways that don’t say it, but show it.
This post…

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1. To not tell your friends everything they tell you.

2. To accept compliments, and not suspect an ulterior motive every time they say something nice.

3. To buy their favorite flavor ice cream when you see it at the grocery store, because the biggest parts of love are often that small.

4. To memorize their order at both the coffee shop and Chipotle, because hello.

5. To keep your opinion of their friends to yourself, unless they ask (and even then, to remember that being honest doesn’t mean you can’t be respectful, too.)

6. To buy them clothes not because you think your look better than their current wardrobe, but because you think they’d like them.

7. To always be at least half a drink shy of making them take care of you.

8. To never root against their team just for the sake of antagonizing them.

9. ……

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