Breathing anew

It’s been a looong time since I have updated this blog. There were a lot of things that happened both good and bad for the past year. But despite all the challenges and disappointments, I came out stronger. For this year, hmmm, life has been good to me so far (and please continue to do so! *crosses fingers*) Below is the summary of the first few months of my 2018:

New job:  I am currently working as a senior system analyst for a company who specializes in healthcare systems.  It’s a very interesting job, you get to meet a lot of people (doctors, nurses, office admins, etc.) So far, the stressful thing that I’ve encountered was presenting one of our applications to the different stakeholders of Ministry of Health (MOH). I remember stuttering and having very sweaty palms at that time! I’m really not used with talking in front of a large group of people especially if they are holding important positions, I get intimidated and nervous. 😦 But looking at the brighter side I get to hone my presentation and communication skills.

Stronger relationships: As much as I can, I message/call my parents and siblings to check on them and to be updated on the latest happenings in their lives (also to be get new pictures of my beloved Ashe cat haha! :3) I’ve made new friends in my present company while keeping in touch with my colleagues from my previous company. As for my friends in the Philippines I try to set a time to have a video call session or just chat with them. Last but not the least, my boyfriend and I just celebrated our 3rd anniversary last week! When I was still young, innocent, and beautiful :)) I thought that being in a romantic relationship required a lot of effort. But being with the right person makes things easy. 🙂 Yes, romance still requires effort but if the person understands you and is willing to compromise then it shouldn’t be that hard (unlike what they usually portray in the movies -_-).

Better self-awareness: I turned 27 last March, and as I became a year older I learned to be good to my self, to appreciate my strengths and to improve on my weaknesses. Before you can love others, you must love yourself first right? 😀  I’ve come to the point that I am not bothered of what other people will think of me. I cannot directly control them or force them into liking me or agreeing with me. I only have control over one person and that is myself. Hey, we are not born into this world just to impress other people albeit total strangers. I know that each one of us is here for a greater purpose (though I’m still searching for mine). ^^ As long as I am not doing anything wrong or hurting anyone, I will choose whatever makes me happy. Because at the end of the day, I am my longest commitment. Besides, those who matter will understand and will stay with me. This is my mantra! 🙂

I know that this year will bring more challenges, but as long I grow and learn I’ll welcome them with open arms.


I’ll try my best to write a post every month. ^^

Japan Chronicles: Kyoto Trip

After a year, I was able to post photos of our Kyoto Trip last April 2016. 🙂 Post to be updated later on.

Japan Chronicles: Tokyo Day 1

After our Osaka-Kyoto trip (pics to be uploaded), we headed to Tokyo, Japan’s main city. 🙂 We rode the Nozomi bullet train from Shin Osaka station, it was really fast travelling at 300 km/h. I will post a video of our Shinkansen ride one of these days. We arrived at Tokyo at around  6 in the evening. The Tokyo city vibe was different, people were rushing since it’s a weekday. We reached our AirBnB place at Meguro at around 7 in the evening. The air was not that cold unlike from Osaka. I was able to wear shorts and stockings during dinner.

Our Tokyo exploration really started the day after… After having our lunch at Yoshinoya (beef bowl here looks way different but it sure was tasty!), we went to Shinjuku Gyoen garden to take some photos of the cherry blossoms. It was fortunate that some trees were still in full bloom despite the fact that they started blooming the last week of March to first week of April. There was an entrance fee but it’s not that expensive. It was really a feast for the eyes seeing those sakura trees. We weren’t able to explore the whole place since Gid said that the trees were just repeating and we were able to took pictures already.

After that we went to Akihabara station, it’s not only the home to Japan’s electronics, but also to a lot of anime stuff! We were able to buy a spare battery for Gid’s GoPro. For me I just searched for One Piece merchandise since my siblings are huge fans of the show. XD Afterwards we went to Asakusa to visit a famous shrine there. I got my fate predicted there, it turned out to be… *secret* 😉 Our visit to the temple was just short, we took a bus to Tokyo skytree. The viewing deck opens at 6:30 pm, since we’re early we just stayed at Starbucks. The choice of drinks were almost the same in SG, except for the Cantaloupe drink. It was refreshing, but I think I won’t buy it again haha. It’s like drinking normal melon shake but with a Starbucks logo. 😛 There’s an entrance fee also to SkyTree, I forgot how much it was. There were also a lot of people in queue at 6 pm since it’s the optimal time to view the city lights. Of all the towers we visited from our past travels, I can say that I liked Tokyo Skytree the most. The view of Tokyo was amazing. ❤ Also there was a mini show of “window washers” hanging at the side of the tower. We weren’t able to understand what they’re really doing since they’re conversing in Nihonggo. We just decided to have our picture taken at the photograph booth and stayed ’til our time was up.

After Skytree, we went back to Shinjuku to meet my college batchmates, Tiff and Izza. They were also taking a vacation in Japan. They said that another batchmate, Kim, will join us. She started working in Japan after our graduation, I haven’t seen her since then. We ate at Ichiran Ramen for dinner. There was a looong queue before us. I’m not really a fan of ramen, but this one’s really delicious!!! I was able to finish it all, even the soup. The same thing goes for Gid, he said that it’s his first time to enjoy ramen (mind you, he only eats chicken karaage and beef misono whenever we have japanese cuisine T_T) . We did some catch ups and said our goodbyes. I hope to see them again when I go home in the Philippines or when they visit SG. It was sure tiring to be walking around the city, but the views made it worth it.

Below are some photos of our trip (I’ll upload more pics later on). 🙂

Manila 2016

My first and last visit to Manila for the year. No more leaves lah! 😭

After our trip to Boracay, I went to Stef’s office so that we’ll be together when we go to her condo at Rockwell. It was nice seeing her and Deane happily together. I was so touched that she took a day off to accompany me in picking a dress for Gid’s friend’s wedding. 🙂

Day 1: Sleeping Balensya
Teriyaki Boy with the bestfriend! ❤ Did a lot of catching up. Gaaah, I already miss the Wafu Steak. :((

Sweet ending, thanks again Stef!
At night, I met Team Magallanes at Greenbelt. It was really nice seeing them! For the record, from our group there’s only 4 people still working at Accenture (Albert, Jaja See, Jaja D and Zen) *slow clap* haha I salute you guys. While waiting for Jaja and Albert (they were still at the office at 7 pm :|), we went to Ayala Triangle to look for a dessert place. We ended up at Amici, since the two haven’t taken their dinner yet and there’s a gelato stall inside the said restaurant. We had a fun night since we did a lot of reminiscing, old jokes were still funny. I really hope our Korea trip next year will push through!


Team Magallanes!
Time always well spent with these guys.
HAHA typical James!
Day 2: I did a general checkup, both medical and dental since it’s cheaper to do tests in the Philippines than in Singapore. I cried when they took a blood sample from me (I really hate injections ><). Fortunately the results were normal, I was kinda afraid before that I might have diabetes.


My kind of reward 😀

At night, Papa accompanied me to Nobu Hotel. Gid’s family was staying there for the whole week. When I arrived there, Ate Aimee suggested that we try the Casino. The guards asked for my age, when I told them I’m 25 they even asked for an ID to confirm it. Haha, so much hassle for looking young, kidding! 😛 It was my third time to enter a casino, first was at Resorts World Manila; second was at City of Dreams Macau (both times I didn’t play and guards asked for my I.D. xD) For this time Gid and I played Baccarat (player banker game). We won several thousands from that game, afterwards I tried the slot machine with his sister.


Couple stripes!

We won! #chips
Day 3: Tan-Cruz wedding.


Have you ever looked at someone and realized how lucky you are to have them in your life? Well I did. 🙂 #groomsmen
At the reception. Thank you Kit for curling my hair and for the makeup.
With Gid’s UE friends, hello engineers. Congratulations Eric and Krizza! 
Day 4: Last day is Family Day.


Ashe baby chillin’ on the tiles =)) 
My original baby. I wouldn’t trade you for anything. 🙂
Tres Marias. I missed these two crazy girls!
First time at Banapple. So glad they enjoyed the food. ^^

With the people I love the most. Family is everything. 
Venice Grand Canal
Jeje mode
Mandatory selfie *hint: look at the bridge*

Hello McKinley! I’m back… for now =))
On the way to the airport.
Trip going back to SG’s uneventful except for some immigration officers in the Philippine questioning my age again. They even joked that they’ll interview me. 😅 

I hope I’ll still be able to go back to Manila this year. ;_; *prays for more holidays*

Goals and success.


To be honest I was a bit lost since the start of last year, I don’t have big goals career wise. I was like, “just go with the flow.” I know it’s not fully me to settle for that kind of mindset. 😅 Like what a saying goes, “only dead fish goes with the flow.” 

Sooo 2016, game face on. 😁👊🏻

Many Happy Returns (of the day)

Last week was Gid’s birthday. I wanted to make it as memorable as possible since it’s his first birthday away from his family (last year they went here to Singapore) and as my boyfriend. 🙂 I collected videos from his family, friends and relatives, I almost got caught when he saw a notification from one of his guy friends on my facebook messenger. *close call huhu*

On the eve of the special day, I was planning to sneak into their house and greet him together with his housemates. But they said that he’s at the living room, so we had no choice but for me to enter the house with his knowledge. :< I have to leave his gift outside as not to arouse suspicion.

Birthday wishes from officemates 🙂
Sorry I have to leave you outside xD

As I entered, I told him that I’m going straight to the restroom.Meanwhile, his housemates were hiding in the kitchen while preparing the cake, the common room restroom was also located there. Kaye was already lighting the first candle when the kitchen door suddenly opened, we were both shocked and surprised to see the birthday boy. :(( He said that he followed me since I was taking too long to return from the restroom (my bad! grrr , epic fail man! =))). But still the show must go on, we proceeded as planned.

Not-so-surprised birthday boy xD

Little did he know that I already planned another surprise for the weekend, and fortunately that one caught him off guard. >:D It was a staycation at Park Avenue Rochester hotel at Buona Vista. The hotel management upgraded the suite when they learned that I was planning a surprise celebration.The staff even helped me in decorating the room and executing my plans (three thumbs up, you guys totally rocked! <3)

Post-celebration surprise haha! 😛
What it looked like:

We watched the compiled birthday video at night. I’m so glad I was able to edit it decently, somehow. =)) Messages in the video were a mixture of English and Filipino. 🙂

Hoping that this will be one of the many birthdays that we will celebrate together baby! 🙂