Breathing anew

It’s been a looong time since I have updated this blog. There were a lot of things that happened both good and bad for the past year. But despite all the challenges and disappointments, I came out stronger. For this year, hmmm, life has been good to me so far (and please continue to do so! *crosses fingers*) Below is the summary of the first few months of my 2018:

New job:  I am currently working as a senior system analyst for a company who specializes in healthcare systems.  It’s a very interesting job, you get to meet a lot of people (doctors, nurses, office admins, etc.) So far, the stressful thing that I’ve encountered was presenting one of our applications to the different stakeholders of Ministry of Health (MOH). I remember stuttering and having very sweaty palms at that time! I’m really not used with talking in front of a large group of people especially if they are holding important positions, I get intimidated and nervous. 😦 But looking at the brighter side I get to hone my presentation and communication skills.

Stronger relationships: As much as I can, I message/call my parents and siblings to check on them and to be updated on the latest happenings in their lives (also to be get new pictures of my beloved Ashe cat haha! :3) I’ve made new friends in my present company while keeping in touch with my colleagues from my previous company. As for my friends in the Philippines I try to set a time to have a video call session or just chat with them. Last but not the least, my boyfriend and I just celebrated our 3rd anniversary last week! When I was still young, innocent, and beautiful :)) I thought that being in a romantic relationship required a lot of effort. But being with the right person makes things easy. 🙂 Yes, romance still requires effort but if the person understands you and is willing to compromise then it shouldn’t be that hard (unlike what they usually portray in the movies -_-).

Better self-awareness: I turned 27 last March, and as I became a year older I learned to be good to my self, to appreciate my strengths and to improve on my weaknesses. Before you can love others, you must love yourself first right? 😀  I’ve come to the point that I am not bothered of what other people will think of me. I cannot directly control them or force them into liking me or agreeing with me. I only have control over one person and that is myself. Hey, we are not born into this world just to impress other people albeit total strangers. I know that each one of us is here for a greater purpose (though I’m still searching for mine). ^^ As long as I am not doing anything wrong or hurting anyone, I will choose whatever makes me happy. Because at the end of the day, I am my longest commitment. Besides, those who matter will understand and will stay with me. This is my mantra! 🙂

I know that this year will bring more challenges, but as long I grow and learn I’ll welcome them with open arms.


I’ll try my best to write a post every month. ^^

Just a reminder…

In case your mind is playing tricks on you today, always remember that:

YOU matter,

YOU are important,

YOU are loved,

and YOUR presence in this world makes a difference

whether you see it or not.


Posting this to anyone who needs this. ^^