Place I’d Rather Be.

After months of staying in Singapore, I decided to have an impromptu visit to the Philippines. I went home not because I’m feeling homesick or any. I went home because I want to surprise my family (they’re expecting me to go home on October hehe >:)), to catchup with friends, to shop (yay for cheaper goods), and most of all to hug and kiss Ashe my beloved cat. :3

It was my first time to go home since I arrived in SG last November. I wasn’t able to allot time to some of my friends but I’ll make it up to them the next time I return. ;_;

Below is the summary of my short stay captured in pictures:


Buying some snacks while waiting for our flight @Changi International Airport
Hello Manila!
Guess who just cried… :))

Finally got a duplicate copy of Gid’s driver’s license.
Elmar’s lechon @Fishermall is the best. 3 thumbs up for this! 😁
Someone just made his mom cry… No more surprises next time! =))
With my bestfriend… ☺️
Dinner with college friends.
Traditional overnight @Josh’s condo. πŸ‘
With Stef, my twin… I really miss her. 😭
Overdue treat for Roland. 😭


With my Accenture bootcampmates. #teammagallanes


Hurray for new glasses. *nerd mode*
Chili’s molten lava cake craving satisfied!
Family. 😊
Finally tried this. 😍
Bowling… Haha I won! 😜
Tres Marias! ☺️
Ashe is famous! Loljk!
Sunrise on the way back.
Thank you for accompanying me… I really appreciate it, without you I won’t ride planes. 😊 #scaredycat
  As cliche as it may be there’s really no place like home. See you Philippines on October and December again. 😊


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