Let them.

Something to live byPeople come and go. That’s the harsh reality that I need to accept right now. It’s hard being the type of person who gets easily attached especially with relatives of friends and significant others. Maybe they’re not really meant to stay in our lives forever due to some circumstances. There will come a point that they will eventually pass through our lives and maybe forget the bonds or connections that were formed.

But despite that, one thing’s for sure… That I will hold dearly in my heart whatever memory we’ve shared. That I will remember you as my second family whom I will cherish and look back upon with a smile. That at one point in my life I saw a happy future living with you.

This may be the end of your part in my story but remember that I will always wish you the best that life can offer wherever you are. 🙂

Thank you very much for everything… 😀


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