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Dora the explorer…

(Now happening)

I’ll never be good with directions… Right now I’m at McDonald’s Balestier, eating dinner while trying to figure out how to go back home. 😭 

What happened?!

A while ago I rode the MRT to City hall to meet someone then attend the 5 pm mass at St. Joseph’s Church. After the mass I was planning to go to VivoCity to shop and to chill so I checked Singapore maps and looked for the bus number, it indicated 145. I went to the nearest bus stop and rode the first 145 bus that I saw. I sat there for around 15 minutes when I started noticing unfamiliar shops. I looked at the maps and saw that I’m going at the opposite direction. :|( a round of applause for me lol ) 

I realized that I’m lost for the nth time here in Singapore despite using maps and gps… Huhu that’s how noob I am when it comes to directions. T_T I guess I must learn how to use them properly and to be more attentive when it comes to detail. 

Oh well enough of this random musing… I will be able to go home on my own without taking a cab. #believe

( sorry for the random and unorganized post… to be edited once I reach home, hopefully 😛😛 )


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