Batam – Wakeboarding :)

Last Sunday, my officemates and I went to Batam, Indonesia for some wakeboarding. Aside from visiting my second country outside the Philippines, it was also my second time to try such water activity. :)) My first time was at Nuvali, Laguna (Philippines) last 2014. I remembered that after around 5 tries, Rosie and I just watched the others ride the wakeboard.

Wakeboarders: Vince, Rosie, Franklyn, Gid and I…
2014 🙂

Well, enough of reminiscing…

We met at Harbourfront to get our ferry boarding passes. Being the “lucky” one <insert sarcasm here>, I was stopped by the immigrations officer since the passport number written on my boarding pass was not mine. 😐 I have to look for the ferry services to get a new pass.

Ticket with wrong passport number. T_T

I was really anxious that the ship might leave me. Good thing that they waited for me, we were running towards the ferry since the crew were already calling our names. The trip to Batam was short, it’s just around 30-45 minutes. Only discomfort I had was the rocking of the ferry ( guess can’t be avoided *boo sea sickness*). I just slept during the ride since I can’t do anything with my phone because my roaming wasn’t enabled.

Sekupang, Batam
Sekupang, Batam

We rode a bus going to CableSki, the wakeboard place. For first-timers they asked us to use the knee board before the actual wakeboard. Charles and I were the newbies when it comes to wakeboarding so we tried the knee board. I reached the far end of the lake but eventually lost my hold of the handle due to the sudden turn. :S Swimming to the shore seemed tedious since my legs got tired easily due to the “japanese sitting” position. When I reached the shore, there’s a motorcycle waiting for me to bring me back. It would be really far from the starting point if you opt to go back by foot. I just tried knee boarding once… =))

IMG_1338 IMG_1337

They served buffet for lunch. After having our fill, we played billiards and table tennis. They told me that I’m good at billiards even if I’m just a beginner. (must hone my skills more) :))

Later on we decided to try the wake boards. It was really frustrating!!! I wasn’t able to go far… 😦 But at least I’m farther than Charles HAHA. =)) They told me that I already got the correct position, all I need to do is to lock my arms on the side.

Jess, Richard, Charles, Gid and I



After my many failed attempts of standing on the wakeboard and hydrating myself with the lake’s water *eew* I decided to take a rest. ~_~ Later on, Gid and I tried wakeboarding using only one board for the two of us. :)) It was also an epic fail! We kept on falling in the water. We also decided to give up on doing it together. He asked me to try standing on the wakeboard before CableSki closes. He gave me tips but alas I still fell since my right foot was submerged in the water, making me lose my balance.


Even though I wasn’t able to stand on the wakeboard properly, I still enjoyed it. 🙂

Going home.

The trip going home was uneventful except for some drunk foreigners roaming around offering their drink to us. We got back to Singapore without any delays. 🙂


10994799_10205442515249560_1987665154_n 10961724_10205442515129557_424777551_n

Body pain causing me to file a medical leave for one day. Been bestfriends with Salonpas for almost 3 days. 😦 :))

Well amidst this I’m still looking forward to the day that I’ll be able to stand on the wakeboard and go around the lake. 🙂

I’ll be back Batam! 😛


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