Note: This will be a looong post, so please bear with me. D:

Accenture, which I will refer in this post as ACN, will always have that special place in my heart. That 2 year and 4 month journey was a rollercoaster ride with its ups and down. It was my first time to be pushed to my limits and to learn more of my potentials. Below are the things I will never forget in this company, well we can think of some as milestones in my life:

1. Student Leadership Conference – Where it all began

It all started when I signed up for the Student Leadership Conference by ACN. Being active in extra-curricular activities I immediately joined, luckily I passed both the HR and Senior Executive interview. On January 2012 we had the conference for two days: First day was at Enderun for the talks and getting to know session and the second day was at the Meralco Development Center for the amazing race and closing ceremonies.

With our Managing Director... Go Brick Red!
With our Managing Director… Go Brick Red!
It was one of the best moments in my life… aside from the overflowing food, I gained a lot of new friends. I’m still in touched with some of them up to now. πŸ™‚

With the "Apple Green" team. :D
With the “Apple Green” team. πŸ˜€
After graduation, the HR immediately processed the requirements needed for the Associate Software Engineer position. I was a bit hesitant at first since I have an offer in Teradata and I am waiting for HP to call me. But since I’m getting bored at home I accepted the offer… and I also considered the “grandness” they showed and the promises they offered during the conference.

2. Bootcamp – Starting over again

I have to admit that in college, I didn’t like coding. =)) I hated it BIG TIME after our CS21A (Introduction to Java) subject because our prof seemed boring and it was the start of the facebook trend *distractions all the way*. Afterwards it all spiraled down, I didn’t learn how to create arrays or how to do threads. *nosebleeds* I guess my core subjects such as Theology, Philosophy or anything that involves writing and memorization carried me out throughout my entire stay in Ateneo. That’s why when we started our bootcamp everything seemed new to me, as if I’m learning programming again for the very first time. The main difficulty in that one was that my peers thought that I already know how to code since I came from a good university and my course is Computer Science. They won’t believe me that I’m a noob when it comes to coding. When we reached the end, we had this simulation activity where in we’ll create a shopping cart website. My groupmates all agreed to make me the leader. :S

Trying to live up to the expectations of the group...
Trying to live up to the expectations of the group…
The ladies of the group... I look awkward here, maybe because of the braces.  :))
The ladies of the group… I look awkward here, maybe because of the braces. :))
Fortunately we passed the said simulation and got a very good grade *hurray*… After the bootcamp some of us were deployed to projects while the rest had another training. For me, I underwent the SharePoint bootcamp… I will be thankful for this one because I really learned to love coding. One of my bootcamp friends even told me “You know Joyce, you’re really good with coding. Maybe you’re just lazy during college that’s why you didn’t learn before. =))” (I’ll just take this one as a compliment! ;_;)

Last day of bootcamp. :(
Last day of bootcamp. 😦
3. Team Magallanes – Balancing work and play πŸ˜‰

They’re my second family in ACN. This group was created during our bootcamp days. At the end of the day we’ll ride  the shuttle going to Alphaland where the MRT Magallanes station is connected. Since we’re with the same people we decided to stick together and name our group after that train station (+ points for creativity :)))

Before work, I had to admit that I am a sheltered child that’s why some adult stuff are alien to me just like drinking, going to bars, partying all night, overnight in a faraway place <insert more grown-up activites here>… That’s why the first time I went to a bar, I really don’t know what to do.

Party party!
Party party! I don’t drink that’s why I rather talk and make funny/weird faces…
… or maybe dance (while texting =)))
We also went to trips outside the metro: Pampanga, Laguna and Tagaytay.

EK Trip!
At Dencio’s Tagaytay, celebrating Frances’ birthday. <:o)
This was our last trip… but I know we’ll be together again.
Within the group I also have my group of friends. They’re my companions when I go to the gym or whenever I want to chill somewhere. We even have a rotation of dinner treats and bowling. These two crazy boys never fail to get on my nerves especially whenever they tease me regarding our other guy friends or pressure me to treat them. :))

My gym buddies and close guy friends.
My gym buddies, bodyguards and close guy friends.
4.  Solutions Factory (SFX) – Finding that niche in the corporate world

After all of the trainings, I was deployed to the SFX industry group. I was really nervous since I was the first one to be assigned in a project. My bench manager even said that the project where I will be working will make my coding skills stronger (I dunno what he meant with that :/) When my first day in the project came, I really don’t know what to feel… I should be happy since I am going to work on a SharePoint project, but I still feel nervous that my skills will not be enough. I was surprised that we’re only two in the team, my team lead and I. 😦 I somehow felt sad because of the pressure of being the only developer in the team. When there are factory wide gatherings, I will feel somehow alienated since almost all have their own peers and friends.

I thought that I’ll be forever alone in the Solutions Factory but it changed when someone approached me and asked if he may borrow the trash can. He introduced himself and asked for my name, being the polite newbie that I was I gave him my whole name. Afterwards we started chatting, a few days passed and he introduced me to his friends in Ariba. Past forward to a few months, acquaintances turned to friendships.

Year-end party 2012 with the bros
My new found friends made my stay in SFX enjoyable. Even if I was left alone in the team (team lead was rolled off :(), I don’t feel alone at all. I have people to talk to and laugh with. Some would even “bully” me due to my tendency to be gullible. :)) Along with that I excelled more in my current technology which is SharePoint, I passed certifications and even had a very good rating during my promotion. This really boosted my confidence in my technical skills. πŸ™‚

Christmas party!
Christmas party 2013

6. Overnights, Hell Weeks and Shifting-shifts – Testing one’s limit

After my first project has ended, I was deployed to an automation project. 😦 The only coding languages used were html, javascript and some VBA macro. :C I was really sad about this one since the tool used was internal to ACN it won’t add up to my resume if ever I leave the company. Good thing my teammates are nice people and I already knew some of them from the Solutions Factory.

Warm welcome from the team. :))
Weekend work on my birthday… *I crey T_T*
Our team was notorious for making people resign because of the difficulty of the tool. :S I heard a lot of horror stories on how people wanted to be rolled off from this project, some would even go as far as resigning since they believe that there’s no escape here. I even experienced the toxicity of the project. I would go to the office at 10 am and go home sometimes at 6 am, then will return at 2 pm. I really wonder how I survived that one! O_O I was really pushed to my limits to the point that I’ll get really sick for days because of fatigue plus the headache that you get with an unknown tool. -_-

Catching up with Juancho!
Fusion team photo! πŸ˜€
The good thing about being in the team will be the lasting friendships that you’ll establish. Even if I’m not in ACN anymore we’re still updated with each others lives and we still help each other. πŸ™‚ We’re even planning to go out of town once Jessie comes back from Africa. :))

Bonus: Extra-Curricular Activities

One of the good things about ACN is its people initiatives. Since I’m a social person, I would happily volunteer or accept tasks for year-ender parties or anniversary celebrations. Below is a video of me singing and dancing for Avanade’s (Microsoft capability) 8th anniversary. (Clue: I’m at the left side all throughout the vid XD)

Watch at your own risk, kidding! Enjoy… πŸ˜€



I will always be grateful to ACN no matter what. I’ll never regret my decision of choosing this as my first company, it’s just sad that my journey had to end early. But like we all know, when one door closes, another one opens. I guess I just have to enter the newly opened door and embrace whatever’s coming on my way. πŸ™‚


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