The Ways In Which We Limit Love

We can be with someone and forget that the love that is here doesn’t actually chip away, that our heart doesn’t need regenerating because it was never broken. It can seem that way: the distance between two humans can seem too far, but the distance between two hearts, well, there is no distance.

Love is the connection that never breaks. Love is the limitless light that encompasses us if only we simply remember to see it.

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Carmen JostCarmen Jost

Love has a way of making us believe that it is breaking apart slowly. The little fights and the little distances and the little inabilities to trust make us think that our heart is chipping away, one tiny broken fragment at a time. You both wander out into your own wilderness and if you don’t hold tight to each other’s hands, you wander further and further until that person you were so intimately tied to is just a speck of light in the distance. It can all happen as you lay next to that person each night, because life either pulls you together or breaks you away.

People say you can lose yourself in love, but they don’t tell you that you can lose each other, too, that you can kiss without feeling and you can have sex without connecting and you can convince yourself that the love…

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