Date Someone Who Can Challenge You

Above all, date someone who wants to learn from you just as much as you want to learn from them.

Date someone who will help you learn how to live — whatever that may mean to you — and who makes you a better person in the process. 😀

Almost there… 🙂

Thought Catalog


Date someone who can challenge you; someone from whom you can learn things that you would never tackle on your own. Date someone who thrives in an area unbeknownst to you, so that you can both expand your understanding beyond your respective intellectual paths. Your own endeavors only comprise a minuscule percentage of all of the knowledge in the world, so why limit yourself to such a small corner of the playing field?

If you are brilliant with logic and numbers, date someone who can draw and design things in an instant that you could not dream up in a month. Date someone who is creative and open-minded. If you are on the shy end of the spectrum, date someone who thrives at building and maintaining relationships. Date someone who understands emotions and feelings because they will guide you through your own when you stumble. If you are a…

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