33 Promises Every Relationship Deserves

1. To not tell your friends everything they tell you.
16. To be humble enough to admit when you’re wrong, and big enough to say sorry for it.
28. To be honest, even when you know you’re being irrational.
32. To remind yourself that you love them, even and especially when annoyance feels like anything but love.

33. And to always remind them that you care, especially in the ways that don’t say it, but show it.
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1. To not tell your friends everything they tell you.

2. To accept compliments, and not suspect an ulterior motive every time they say something nice.

3. To buy their favorite flavor ice cream when you see it at the grocery store, because the biggest parts of love are often that small.

4. To memorize their order at both the coffee shop and Chipotle, because hello.

5. To keep your opinion of their friends to yourself, unless they ask (and even then, to remember that being honest doesn’t mean you can’t be respectful, too.)

6. To buy them clothes not because you think your look better than their current wardrobe, but because you think they’d like them.

7. To always be at least half a drink shy of making them take care of you.

8. To never root against their team just for the sake of antagonizing them.

9. ……

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