When You’re Surrounded By People, But You’re More Alone Than Ever

“So really, my loneliness is partially a product of my own doing. I’ve created this environment for myself where my time is first and foremost allocated to my “whats,” and then to my “whos.”

Slowly figuring out how to handle this one. It takes some time to break this but I know I’ll eventually get through this.

Thought Catalog

I had just left my University’s football game, surrounded by thousands of people, when something bad happened. I started to think.

It was a lonely, isolating thought that immediately shifted my mood from fun loving to soul crushing. No – it wasn’t about poverty or genocide or inequality or death. It was about friendship.

I started to question what my friendships were consisted of and how I was fostering that. And then it became very obvious to me that while I certainly have a select few friends whom I share actual substance with, the majority of my interactions end up feeling hollow or superficial upon inspection. Too often, I find myself making time for friends only when it’s “convenient,” and vice versa. Too often, I feel that I can share a meal with many but share my thoughts with none. Too often, I question the integrity and the weight behind…

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