Induratize no more.

Once you’ve been hurt, it somehow hardens your heart. You become this person who suddenly flees from the idea of being attached to another being. You start building walls around you, never letting anyone in for the fear of being hurt again. Every person who tries to climb those walls eventually falls down, ending up being wounded and broken just like you. It’s sad seeing yourself retreating to the four corners of your fortress every end of the day. You just stand right behind that invisible barrier remaining as passive as you can, letting chances slip through your fingers. You make yourself feel better by rationalizing that it’s ok to be alone. It’s better to stay with yourself than to be with someone who’ll eventually leave you in the end.

There's hope...
There’s hope…

But as time passes by these boundaries, your onced comfort zone, will eventually turn against you. Questions on the possibility of experiencing that tabooed four-letter-word will start haunting you. You yourself starts to wonder for how long will you run away from it? Maybe for a few months? A couple of years? Or even decades? No one can really tell except you. But rest assured, the time will come when someone will break through the defenses you built for years. Those walls that seemed to be indestructible will slowly give in, crumbling down into tiny bits… And on the other side, there’s this silhouette of hope in a form of another human being. That person will make you realize that it’s ok to try, to begin another story and to fall in love all over again. There will always be the fear, but he will assure you that everything’s gonna be alright. He’ll bring back that smile on your face and will do his best to pick up the remaining pieces. You may not be the same person as you were before, but you will become a new one for sure ( a better one indeed ).

Open your heart, take a leap of faith and see where it leads you. Don’t hold back, just embrace the person who’s standing in front of you… Right here, right now.

He loves you… And you know, you also do. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Induratize no more.

  1. I truly believe that there are some people that were born to be alone. Well, not alone, but single. Not everybody needs a partner.

    I don’t say it is my case. I’ve been single for a while, and I feel good this way. I don’t know if this is forever or if I’m going to with someone someday. But I know this is what I want right know.

    I’m tired of hearing that I have a cold heart, that I have no soul, etc. Every time I politely reject someone. Every time I say I want to be alone, people take it as it is a sin.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA im over here being a guy and thinking, this stuff sounds good, almost makes me want to give it another try

    i read “He” and i realized it was written by a woman…THUS it was all invalid

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