I already have 3 and a half cuts in my Theology classes. O_O The maximum number of cuts is 6 yet I’m still worried. Well, I’m more bothered by the number of quizzes that I missed. So far we had 5 quizzes, and I was able to answer only 2 of them. I missed around 25 points just because I didn’t attend class. I rather get a zero for not studying than for being absent. Rawr, I even read the assigned readings for those quizzes. HUHUHUHUHUHU… *cries more*

Oh well, I can’t do anything about it. It’s done already. My bad. My fault. My grade. -_-

I promise not to cut anymore. I should really make up for those points if I want to pass that subject. If ever I cut again, I shall cut my hair very very short a reminder that I’m such a cutter.  😐

Sorry for the rant. I should really fix this messed up body clock of mine. Lately I’ve been sleeping at around 4 -6 in the morning and my classes start at 9 am (T-TH) and 10:30 am (MWF) :)) ><

The end… hopefully (Friends pray for me! XD)


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