On Asthma and cats.

Fact: I have asthma yet I love cats.(Well certain cats :3)

I can still remember the days where my mom would bring me to the pediatrician because of my asthma attacks. The white smoke from the nebulizer seem fresh whenever I think about it. (I really don’t get the purpose of that, I think I exhaled the smoke for most of the time.) They say that it is possible to heal asthma once you reach the age of 12. This is where the walls of the lungs start to fix itself. (Well, I can’t confirm its validity, no source cited lol) If no attack happened, then you’re finally free but then again if you did have even a single attack, well sorry, you’re doomed… :))

In my case, my asthma was healed by this very small pill called “Zaditen.” It costs less than 50 pesos (around a dollar). I have to drink it everyday for 3 months, no wonder why my parents would get mad at me whenever I join exhausting activities like sportsfests. Aside from that the most forbidden thing to do is adopting a pet. @_@ They don’t want me to go near animals especially those with thick fur (must resist their cuteness for dear life’s sake .__. )

There was a point in time where we adopted a kitten given that I won’t have any physical contact with it (hugging, patting, sleeping, etc. I broke all of those >:)). I named her Cherrynut and she was one amazing cat. I cried really hard when she got lost outside our house. It was my very first heartbreak, I cried at night and even at school whenever I remember her. I promised to myself never to take care of any other cat. That’s the reason why I’m kinda evil to the next batch of cats at home. :))

I don’t have a picture of Cherrynut to show since our printed photos were destroyed by the flood last 2009. >< What I’m going to post here are pictures of our newest pet, named Kuro!

3 days from birth. 😀
Week 2: Kuro can open her eyes now 🙂
Week 3: Kuro and I. ❤

Hurray for new pet! My parents are adopting her/him, lol I don’t know what’s the gender of Kuro. @_@ This is another opportunity for me to learn how to love something. I hope to grow with Kuro and be able to take good care of her/him. :3