System.out.println(“Hello REAL World”);

It’s almost 3 am in the morning and I haven’t studied for my Theology finals later. Some random thoughts have been bugging me since last week (which gave birth to this blog. :>).

1 day left before I say goodbye to my teenage years… In a blink of an eye, I will be facing a new life, new age, new self with harder challenges in store for me. 2011 is the mark of my “ties” year, meaning, this coming tuesday: March 22, is the official start of being an adult. What I mean here is a “real” adult. :))

I have spent the past 19 years of my existence doing the following: eating, sleeping, studying, procastinating, playing games, laughing, collecting crushes, fan girling, making new friends and eventually losing some of them, and the list goes on. I guess the only thing that I lacked way back then is a serious life plan. Yeah, you read it right. I, Joyce Ann D. Rada, turning 20 tomorrow, haven’t planned out my life. So, does this means that I don’t have a future? Well when I was still young, innocent and beautiful, I want to become a:

Grade 1-4
Scientist: So that I can invent cooool stuff! 😀
Grade 5-6
News Reporter: So that people will see me on television. (Can't believe that I'm that vain. :)))
Highschool: 1st – start of 3rd year
Accountant: I want to work in an office! Just like my mom. 😀
Highschool: End of 3rd – 4th year
Chemist: I love Chemistry so much that if it was a person, I'll ask him to marry me. ❤
Highschool: 4th year end
Computer Science: Since I'm number 1 in programming in our highschool.

And as the end for this series of cliparts, the last one, won. I took up Computer Science in Ateneo. :)) It was the only course that was different from the other schools where I took entrance tests. My first choice was normally Accountancy, Computer Science was just second (both for Miriam and UST). I did not take the UPCAT but if ever, I guess my choice would be Business Administration and Accountancy. (MONEY MONEY MONEY :))) But it was really out of the way that I ended up being a Computer Scientist (codecodecode). T_T I can’t believe that I took this and was surprised about the content of the course. Oh well, no turning back. \:D/

Now that I’m a self-proclaimed adult, I just want to put meaning in my life. I don’t want to waste opportunities again. Even if I’m being challenged by my present course which is Computer Science, I will not be disheartened in choosing the road that is less traveled. There is no point of return here, I  should really cross the Rubicon no matter what.

I guess, I’ll just enjoy whatever is in front of me right now. Adult world (a.k.a jobworkemployment) is still a year away and I’ll be saying my hello in less than a year. After graduation, I want to study again and find my real passion. I may not have a concrete life plan as of now but as I grow up more, I hope that I will hear that voice within me… again.

Being 20 means a new phase in life.  You are expected to be more mature and somehow be more responsible in your life. I don’t know what will happen to me in the future but as of now I guess the best thing that I can do is to face and live the present. Just like a code in our java class, I should be saying:

Hello REAL World! (hopefully) 😀

P.S. Late post is really late. :))


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